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Morocco’s Sociologist Fatima Mernissi Dies at 75

One of Morocco’s most celebrated feminist writers and sociologists passed away aged 75, on Monday.

Born in 1940, in Fes, Fatima Mernissi became known for her significant contributions in the literary field through which she focused on reconciling traditional Islam with progressive feminism.

The author of classics such as Beyond the Veil, The Veil and the Male Elite, Islam and Democracy and countless more publications, the campaigner for women’s rights gained international attention for her work on Islam and women.

She studied political science at Sorbonne University in Paris and earned her doctorate in sociology in 1974 at Brandeis University, after which she returned to her native Morocco. At Rabat’s Mohammed V university, she taught methodology, family sociology and psychosociology at the Faculté des Lettres.   »»»

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