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Fremont hiker who wore a bandanna for sun protection finds anti-Muslim note on car

A hiker who wore a bandanna for sun protection returned from her walk to find an anti-Muslim note telling her to leave America.

Nicki Panchol, who is not Muslim but wore the headscarf to protect her skin against the harsh California sun, was horrified to find her car had been trashed, her purse stolen and the racist note on her car.

‘Hijab wearing bitch,’ the letter read. ‘This is our nation now get the fuck out’.

‘When I saw it, I was in shock,’ Panchol told the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘That someone would feel so much hate to do this. I realize that this is the climate after this election. But I didn’t realize someone would be so ignorant and in so much pain to cause so much harm.’

The 41-year-old, who has lupus, said she was left so shaken by the incident that she did not return to Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont, California, since the incident last week.

Police are still investigating the incident which they have classified as a hate crime.

Geneva Bosques, a spokeswoman for the Fremont Police Department, called the crime ‘very disturbing.’

‘We are obviously very upset and saddened that this happened in our community,’ she said.

Panachol had pulled into the Mission Peak Regional Preserve parking lot at around noon on November 14.

Carolyn Jones, public information supervisor for the East Bay Regional Park District, said the victim spent around an hour vlogging in the parking lot for a ‘peace project’ before setting out on the hike.

When she returned at 4pm, she discovered her car had been broken into; someone has smashed a window, and her purse was missing. She also found the upsetting note.

‘Everyone is welcome, and this is a deplorable thing,’ Jones said.

There has been a flurry of hate crimes against minorities following Donald Trump’s surprise election win earlier this month.

  • Just days after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, police said a female student at the University of Michigan was approached by a white man who threatened to set her on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab. Police are still investigating the hate crime.
  • Two students at a vocational school in York County, Pennsylvania, held a Donald Trump sign in a hallway as someone shouted ‘white power,’ an incident captured on video and widely shared on Facebook.
  • In Silver Spring, Maryland, a banner advertising a Spanish-language service at an Episcopal church was slashed and the words ‘Trump nation. Whites only’ were written on the back.
  • Authorities on two California State University campuses, in San Diego and San Jose, were investigating reports that two women wearing headscarves were attacked.
  • At San Diego State University, authorities said a Muslim woman had her car keys and vehicle stolen by two men who targeted her while she wore a hijab and made comments about Donald Trump’s election.

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